Letters to Home, 2021
Wood, drywall, door hinges, lock, window blinds, hook, dad’s shirt, plastic tarp, wallpaper, paint, plexiglass, plant, astro turf, drill, level, tape measure, photo, 2 ch. projection;
Interior video, audio, 20m; exterior video 4m 35s
216 x 120 x 132 in.

Photo Credits: Néstor Pérez-Molière

In LETTERS TO HOME, two short films are projected onto a tiny house in-between construction and collapse. The main film is projected onto the back wall of the home’s interior which resembles the church of Solentiname, Nicaragua––a historic utopian site from the revolutionary movement. The film presents three letters addressed to family in Louisiana regarding familial love, migration, identity, addiction and accountability, loss and grief. The exterior features a silent loop of the artist’s mother cooking a traditional Nicaraguan dish.